The QuickCam handler project

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Here are the specifications for a "QuickCam" handler dedicated to Astronomy.

A Handler is a piece of software dedicated to management of some peripheral...

This one is elaborated for Connectix quickcam and will be very very turned to Astrophotography. Usefull functions for astrophotographers are directly integrated and may be automated...

If you have more ideas, please write-me.

If you speak fluently C++, VB3.0 ou plus, WIN32, VFWSDK let me know, for encouragement, help, and advices.!

  1. The "raw video" window, used alone in "focus" mode(Cf. 5) and for pointing naturally!
  2. The "elaborated Image" window (Black[3] and White [4] frames have still been used for corrections)
  3. "Acquire Button" for black frames. The number of frames to use is indicated in "ListeM" (1,3,5,11...). Final "black image" is kept in memory until end of session or a new acquisition. Operator has to manually obturate the camera.
  4. Quite the same for "White Frames". Operator has to put a white illuminated paper in front of camera during acquisition time.
  5. This is tochoose between: speed focus (1 active window)/ Guiding (commands in Meade Lx200 are sent to port Comx) / Photo (2 active windows).
  6. To take a picture. Caption is the name of the file to be written: 3 last characters of the name are automatically inremented. Window "Compof" indicate how many elaborated images to add before creating the file(1,3,5,11...).
  7. Thermometer for "seeing" : Dynamic indicator elaborated from a quadratic function on the center of raw video frame .

Tools to be used : (Rather old, I my knowledge)

And finally, excuse my english, excuse my french ;-)))

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Last modified on August 02 1998